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Conducting business in emerging markets brings with it downtime and financial burdens that can dull a company’s competitive edge. Reconnaissance Group provides security services and solutions to enable our clients to operate normal business activities in abnormal business environments.

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GPS vehicle tracking

Reconnaissance provides a complete Global Positioning System tracking service for monitoring of staff and assets. This system has been extensively developed to suit our client’s needs and is aimed at reducing loss across the organisation. 

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Awareness Programme

Reconnaissance designed an awareness programme to provide guidelines for staff from a security and safety point of view. The programme is aimed at assisting companies to deliver a range of presentations and videos to assist in delivering a safe work environment.

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SITECH Remote Management

Reconnaissance has developed a powerful remote site monitoring system to provide our clients a solution to their security needs for difficult to reach locations. SITECH can view CCTV via 3G networks and allows for monitoring of generators and fuel consumption. 

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Latest News

GPS-Digicel Business Haiti

Reconnaissance Group provides a complete Global Positioning System (GPS) vehicle tracking service for safe guarding families, staff and assets.

TSCM Team Expansion

Reconnaissance has completed expansion programmes of our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). We have extensively updated our equipment to industry leading equipment from our suppliers PDTG. We now have full TSCM operating in Europe, Caribbean and Pacific regions. For more information on our service please visit Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. 

Haven Partnership

Members of Reconnaissance Group recently attended a charity fundraiser in support of the Haven Partnership in Haiti. Haven Partnership here in Haiti works to raise money to create sustainable living conditions with water, sanitation and shelter. Please go www.havenpartnership.com to find out more about the work that they do.