Market Entry


Quite often emerging markets present significant opportunity for most organisations and businesses. Some emerging markets have security or social issues in addition to being a hazardous business environment. A Market Entry Assessment can mitigate these issues and thereby allow for transparency when viewing all options in initial entry stages.

  • Mapping the competitive landscape 
  • Identifying and reviewing potential partners 
  • Profiling regulators and regulatory requirements
  • Analysis of legal and tax requirements
  • Analysis of options for corporate structures 
  • Assessing political risk and operational risks

Establishing a new market can be a stressful period for any business and quite often its success can be hampered by the slightest over sight on legal requirements. Reconnaissance Group has over 10 years experience in operating in harsh business environments and as such can provide excellent support, insight and experience to our clients. 

Furthermore our Project Management can advance the entry strategies to mitigate business risks and offset potential negative impacts. 

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