Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Information theft is a very real threat to business. It can cost companies significant sums of money and result in the loss of business deals or failure of acquisition strategies, in addition to causing irreparable reputation damage and severe embarrassment.

Reconnaissance has extensive experience working with clients to not only detect the presence of eavesdropping devices, but also to design and implement information security strategies in order to prevent information leaks from happening. Our Technical Security Specialist (TSS) team use the latest surveillance counter measures technology to address the increasing security threats posed to both government and commercial organisations originating from criminal organisations and, in the commercial world, unscrupulous competitors.

Reconnaissance has invested in the highest quality debugging equipment from leading manufacturer's who produce equipment specifically to address the threat from "bugging". Our TSCM service can reduce the real threat of information loss and theft to your organisation. 

Who may be listening?

Information is key in any dispute or even in normal day to day business and the following is a small example of some people or organisation that may have the motivation to listen in to your senstive information. 

  • Business partners
  • Competitors
  • Private investigators 
  • Insurance companies 
  • Aggrieved former employees
  • Aggrieved spouses 
Why are they listening?

Motivation for listening or eavesdropping 

  • To gain inside information in a legal case
  • To confirm a company's position and plan during a merger or take over
  • To incriminate a person 
  • To confirm a competitors business strategy 
How are they listening?

There are many misconceptions about technical eavesdropping and how it is effectively carried out. We normally recommend that people or organisations review all possible methods that information may have leaked to a third party. Quite often companies will invest significant sums and effort in to technical sweeps yet fail to address some of the more rudimentary security protocols such as access control to offices etc. It can often be easier to attain information to via disgruntled or naive staff member than carry the risk of installing a listening device.  

If a device is installed it can be present through a varieties of systems. For example, some devices are radio frequency based while others are operated through a GSM/3G system. Devices can be covert such as being buried in a wall or ceiling, or can be overt such as a mobile phone on a table during a meeting. 

What can you do?

Firstly you must realise that if you have a concern or feeling that information is being leaked it needs to be addressed urgently. We would stress that dealing with such a threat in an urgent manner requires planning and logic to ensure a successful outcome. Primary steps to take are:

  • Refrain from discussing any sensitive information in the suspected area
  • Carry out a review of all persons with access to suspected area
  • Carry out a review and improve upon basic security protocols such as access control
  • Review off personnel who may have had access to the leaked content
  • Carry out all essential meetings off site 
  • Contact a TSCM specialist to carry out a technical sweep and assist in that matter. Contact Us 
Reconnaissance Technical Counter Surveillance Measures

Reconnaissance has the skills, knowledge and drive to successfully deal with your concerns. Our team is deployed with state of the art equipment to carry out a full technical counter surveillance sweep. In addition the team will carry out a complete security review and carry out a consultation process to help improve protection of information. 

Upon conclusion of the sweep and consultation we will develop a complete in-depth report specific to our clients sweep and their security needs. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us should you need further assistance.