Crisis Management


The impact of a crisis depends on how robust a business is when responding to and recovering from a crisis or emergency. During a crisis, it is vital to protect personnel and business assets, safeguard your company’s reputation and determine the optimal time to return to business. A planned management procedure based on sound risk management and implemented through an incident or crisis management plan will ensure maintenance of shareholder confidence and even customer confidence. 

Reconnaissance has extensive knowledge and experience of designing and implementing a Crisis Management Plan (CMP). Emerging markets require a more comprehensive CMP in order to allow for all possible eventualities and thereby reduce downtime to business. 

  • Crisis Management Team & Incident Management Team creation and education
  • Crisis identification procedure
  • Communication procedure
  • Crisis Plan implementation process
  • Public Relations process
  • Crisis Recovery Plan
  • Disaster identification
  • Disaster recovery

See Reconnaissance White paper: The Role of Security During A Crisis In An Emerging Market 

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