GPS Tracking


Reconnaissance Group provides a complete Global Position System (GPS) tracking service for monitoring of staff and assets. This system has been extensively developed to suit our client’s needs and is aimed at reducing loss across the organisation. Reconnaissance has developed several GPS hardware solutions ranging from a fully fitted product to a plug and play product for vehicles. We have developed a GPS tracking app for lone workers that may need the additional support of a monitoring service should something happen. Our hardware is supported by an advanced software solution that allows clients to protect their assets and people and ensure a return on investment.

We operate a 24/7 manned monitoring centre in Port Au Prince, Haiti to support our clients and assist in fleet and assets management. In addition, clients have their own log in to our tracking portal and can also monitor via our mobile app. Take the time to review our features below or view our Reconnaissance Group GPS video on this page. Please Contact Us for further information.

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Some of the features that we have incorporated into our GPS tracking solution are:

  • Live vehicle and asset tracking via web based login
  • Live monitoring on our GPS Mobile App
  • Historical playback - review a complete replay of the route taken by vehicle 
  • Emergency button - sent instant alerts by pressing the in car emergency or distress button 
  • Speeding alerts - monitor driver speeding habits with email powered speeding alerts
  • Harsh braking alerts - monitor the driving skills and safety records of driver via a harsh braking alert. 
  • Geo Fence – which assigns a particular geographical area to a particular car. This ensures the vehicle will send an alert via email of it is moved outside of a permitted area of work.
  • Fuel monitoring - accurately and remotely monitor fuel levels and consumption

Fleet and asset tracking can provide many managerial and financial benefits to organisations:

  • Operational Management
  • Cost control tool
  • Fuel management and saving via planned route efficiency
  • Driver performance tracking 
  • Fleet safety improvements 

Reconnaissance has developed a powerful GPS tracking software for our clients to utilise. The system is designed to be user friendly with the core aim of providing tracking capabilities supported by strong reporting features. 

Furthermore we have an extremely user friendly mobile application for clients that require access to monitor their assets remotely.  


Fleet management is ultimately about protecting and maintaining an organisation assets. We have developed our system to provide a cost effective solution to a fleet managers requirements. Our pricing model is aimed at developing and maintaining a long term partnership with our clients and we pride ourselves on this customer orientated. Please Contact Us to discuss your needs and how we can assist in your fleet management requirements. 


Question 1

Can I view my cars on a mobile device such as phone or tablet ?

Yes, Reconnaissance provide a App for mobile devices that allows our clients view and track assets in a live view.  

Question 2

Can I track the driving habits within our fleet? 

Yes, our system provides tracking and alerts for driving habits such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration and speeding alerts to name a few. 

Question 3

Can we have multiple logins for our company? 

Yes, we can assign multiple logins to enable a number of managers in an organisation to track their fleets.