"Without question, the Reconnaissance Group has done more to change the security environment of my institution in just 5 months than we have been able to accomplish in 17 years! They were recommended to us after a horrible event in which a driver of ours was murdered in a vehicle carrying one of our managers and a significant amount of cash.

Their leadership was in my office as quickly as the request was made, and in a matter of hours they had developed a strategy for calming our employees and taking over the processes and procedures for the movement of cash. The whole Reconnaissance team is professional, respectful of our institutional culture, incredibly well trained and able to “take charge” in a calm and orderly way without making you feel like you have turned over your security to a military contingent (as some Haiti security firms do)!

In just a few months, they (1) revamped our cash transportation strategy (2) assisted us in leasing an armored vehicle and trained the 2 drivers of it in an extensive 2-week program (3) trained ALL our drivers in a week-long training program (4) provided 2 armed bodyguards to travel with our driver and courier in the armored vehicle to transport cash to several hubs (5) met with all our Headquarters personnel to assure them they were now in control of their security and provided them with some important tips (6) put us on their system for alerting us to problems anywhere in the country (7) evaluated and provided concrete recommendations for improving the overall security of our main branch and (8) allowed us to test GPS tracking systems in our vehicles to track where they are at all times and at one speed they are driving.

All of us feel a whole lot safer today than we did 5 months ago."

Anne Hastings