Illuminate™ Awareness Programme


Reconnaissance Group's Illuminate™ online awareness programme has been designed to provide basic guidelines for staff from a security and health & safety point of view. We have designed holistic approach to delivering an awareness programme online. Videos supported by in depth presentations are delivered to staff to raise their individual awareness while allowing an organisation to prepare, react and consolidate to any health and safety issue that may arise. Our aim with this programme is to raise awareness whilst providing people the knowledge to offset any risks before they arise. 

We will be developing this programme further so please remember to check back for updates. We welcome any feedback or recommendations and hope you find the programme beneficial.

This Awareness Programme has been designed for our clients to proactively address duty of care with regards to staff safety. The programme delivers information in a friendly format in multiple languages and tracks each user that access' and views the content. This allows us to produce reports and statistics for HR managers to ensure that Duty of Care is being met by the organisation. 

Should you wish to discuss our programme or explore Illuminate™ pricing options please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

If you would like further information on our Awareness Programme and what it can offer please download our Awareness Programme Information Guide here.